• There is a $50 cost to attend CLEO's 1L Prep - AIE Online Seminar, including a $30 application fee and a subsequent $20 seminar attendance fee. The seminar attendance fee will be collected upon your acceptance to the program.

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Eligibility Requirements - In order to participate in the 2022 1L Prep - Attitude Is Essential Pre-Law Program, you must be a low-income, minority, or otherwise disadvantaged student.

An individual may be determined to be otherwise disadvantaged if he/she meets at least one of the following criteria (please check all that apply):

I understand that if I am selected I will be required to submit the appropriate documentation relevant to my eligibility to participate.

Academic History

If you answer "Yes" to either of the next two questions, please write an explanation at the end of your personal statement.

STOP:  Please make sure you've completed all necessary information correctly. Once you click continue, you won't be able to go back; however, you could send corrections by email to [email protected].


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